Apr 8, 2010

Mannasim : Wireless Sensor Networks simulation environment

Mannasim is a Wireless Sensor Networks simulation environment comprised of two solutions:

The Mannasim Framework is a module for WSN simulation based on theNetwork Simulator (NS-2). Mannasim extends NS-2 introducing new modules for design, development and analysis of different WSN applications.

The Script Generator Tool (SGT) is a front-end for TCL simulation scripts easy creation. SGT comes blunded with Mannasim Framework and it's written in pure Java making it plataform independent.

Download and install Mannasim right now!

Mannasim Objectives

Mannasim goal is to develop a detailed simulation framework, which can accurately model different sensor nodes and applications while providing a versatile testbed for algorithms and protocols.

Numerous challenges make the study of real deployed sensor networks very difficult and financially infeasible. At the current stage of the technology, a practical way to study WSNs is through simulations that can provide a meaningful perspective of the behavior and performance of various algorithms.


chinna said...

Hi Sir...i am working with NS-2.29 for WSN simulation using MannaSim.I am able to generate .tcl files using MannaSim Script Generation tool for different protocols.I am facing problems with analysing simulation results for the same where i need to use Tracegraph/Traceconverter.I am fortunate that i found you are aware of it bye your reply to someone. i am unable to download Tracegraph/Traceconverter software for windows.None of the download links are working for me .Please suggest me any working download link or mail me the software.I really need to come out of this with a solution soon.It would be really helpfull if you let me out of this.
My email id:chinna.232@gmail.com
Thanx in advance.

Fazlullah said...

Hello All Respected Viewers!
I have successfully installed Mannasim framework on fedora 7 and run LEACH code. Now i want to modify the LEACH code and
1. I want to know where the Cluster Head creation takes place
2. Is re-Clustering performed, if YES, where(which file) it takes place
3. The communication between different node including Cluster Heads and Access Point(Sinks) is hop-by-hop or not?

Please help me and resolving these issues.
Fazlullah Khan

Anonymous said...

i installed ns-2.29 to work with mannasim in xp.during mannasim installation i have the following error.
no such file or directory.
i didn't find make package in ns-2.29 folder.having only makefile.
pls give me a solution for it

Muhammad Imran said...

only use "make"

Anonymous said...

hi we are working on project called Wsn routing. Will this mannasim help?

Yannish said...

Dear Sir,

I am having problem regarding the use of NAM for mannasim script generator tool tcl file.

Wish to have a solution for this.

My mail ad: yan-2209@hotmail.com

Hope to receive your mail soon so that i can send you the tcl file as well as a snapshot of the error found.

Kind Regards

sharu said...

hai everyone
can anyone know the sensor network sample code for monitoring a two node by the third node . give me a sample code in ns2.
My mail id:sharuammu871989@gmail.com

sharu said...

hai everyone,
sample code for sensor networks in ns2 . do u have any code for monitoring a two node in ns2 please mail to sharuammu871989@gmail.copm

Edgar Siguenza said...

Congratulations for your blog, I have a probem, I exported a file from SUMO using traceExporter, and it returns 3 files(Mobility, Activity and Confg), but i dont't know how to use these files in ns-2, it guive me a error, i don't know what to do with these 3 files.

Wish to have a solution for this.
Edgar Siguenza
email: patrohell@gmail.com

Unknown said...

hello sir,
i have run the tcl file in mannasim successfully. if run the simulation each time the topology is changing. so i have getting different results.
so how to set the constant topology in Mannasim tcl. mail at: akamal1982@gmail.com