Jan 23, 2006

Network Simutator, Ns-2 Trace format

Normal Trace Format

This information comes from The ns Manual "Trace and Monitoring Support: Trace File Format" chapter. This trace is used normal wired operations. The trace starts with one of four possible characters.

Event Abbreviation Type Value
Normal Event r: Receive
d: Drop
e: Error
+: Enqueue
-: Dequeue
%g %d %d %s %d %s %d %d.%d %d.%d %d %d
double Time
int Source Node
int Destination Node
string Packet Name
int Packet Size
string Flags
int Flow ID
int Source Address
int Destination Address
int Sequence Number
int Unique Packet ID

Depending on the packet type, the trace may log additional information:

Event Type Value
TCP Trace %d 0x%x %d %d
int Ack Number
int Header Length
int Socket Address Length
Satellite Trace %.2f %.2f %.2f %.2f
double Source Latitude
double Source Longitude
double Destination Latitude
double Destination Longitude

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