Feb 4, 2006

Monitor_queue Trace

To monitor a queue between two nodes, command monitor-queue can be used.

$ns monitor-queue
This sets up a monitor that keeps track of average queue length of the queue on the link between nodes and . The default value of sampleinterval is 0.1.


set monitor [$ns monitor-queue $S $D [open qm.out w] 0.1]

Trace format :

0.69999999999999996 0 1 0.0 0.0 12 12 0 5178 5178 0
Time, From, To, qsizeB, qsizeP, arrivedP, departedP, droppedP, arrivedB, departedB, droppedB

where *B is number in Bytes, and *P is numbers in Packets.

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