May 19, 2006

Scheduler :: Event UID not valid!

Interesting explanation of Event UID

Scheduler :: Event UID not valid!


Each event in NS2 has a unique UID. The scheduler toggles the UID twice,
once during dispatching and once during scheduling. Thus, the event has a
positive UID after being scheduled and a negative one before being scheduled.
If the event has been scheduled but not dispatched, then it will have a
positive UID and cannot be scheduled again.

In implementing a new protocol, this error can happen in two cases:

1. You are using timers. When a timer is scheduled again without the
previous schedule expiring - Trace which timer is scheduled and when it
will expire.

2. You are dealing with packets. A packet is also a kind of event to be
scheduled and a UID is associated with it. When you create a
copy or alloc again before freeing it, due to the same packet with a positive
UID, it cannot be scheduled again.

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I'm working on a wireless topology and NS-2.29 (configure in linux) for my research work. When I try to simulate a bidirectionnal communication between a wireless endpoint and a wireline endpoint with 11 Mbps and smalls packets (size 200 bytes), I'm getting this error:

Scheduler: Event UID not valid!

This error doesn't exist if the communication is only in one way.

My configuration is without the use of RTS/CTS mechanism. Can someone help me with this problem??? Any bug that can help???



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