Dec 8, 2006

how events are scheduled


In OTcl when you write any statement like
$ns at $stop "finish_proc"

then in, it schedules the the 'finish_proc' (or anything u
want) to execute/run at time 'stop'.

In C++, you have to call the schedule method with the parameters (a handler,
a packet and delay), like here

Scheduler::instance().schedule(handler, packet, delay);

Basically, is the main file that does all the scheduling
whenever called and then running one after other.

Hope it will help.


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From: "Savitri P. Pandharikar"
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Subject: [ns] how events are scheduled

> Hi,
> I want to know more about NS-2 but I am still confused only about the
> event
> scheduler.I studied the NS manual also.But then also its not clear.Can
> please explain how events are scheduled one after another.
> Thanks
> Savitri P

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