Nov 12, 2006

NS WorkBench : Graphical User Interface For Network Simulator

nsBench is a drag-and-drop GUI and easy to use in undergraduate and graduate networking courses. nsBench makes NS-2 simulation development and analysis faster and easier for students and researchers without losing the flexibility or expressiveness gained by writing a script.

nsBench v1.0 features include :

  • Nodes, simplex/duplex links and LANs
  • Agents: TCP, UDP, TCPSink, TCP/Fack, TCP/FullTcp, TCP/Newreno, TCP/Reno, TCP/Sack1, TCPSink, TCPSink/Sack1, TCPSink/DelAck, TCPSink/Sack1/DelAck, TCP/Vegas, Null Agent
  • Applications/Traffic: FTP, Telent, Http/Server, Http/Client, Http/Cache, webtraf, Traffic/CBR, Traffic/Pareto, Traffic/Exponential
  • Services: Multicast, Packet Scheduling, RED, DiffServ
  • Creating "Groups" concept to compensate for "loops"
  • Scenario generator
  • Link Monitors
  • Loss Models
  • Routing Protocols
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