Apr 30, 2007

Extended Network Simulator NS-2 Nam Editor

The Extended Nam Editor is an editor that allows the graphical creation of ns2 scripts. It extends the basic Nam Editor with the following features:

  1. Integration with existing topology generators
  2. Localization and visualization of set of nodes on large network topologies according to different selection criteria;
  3. Instantiation of agents of any types on all the nodes of a given node set;
  4. Definition of new node types;
  5. Support for simulations of web cache systems.

Topology Generator Interface
The manual generation of complex Network Topology is a tedious and error prone activity.

In order to simulate networks with realistic topologies, it is a common practice to use ad-hoc topology generators, whose output is usually not compatible with the ns2 syntax. Hence, several tools have been developed to translate topology descriptions generated by topology generators in ns-scripts that can be used in the definition of a simulation scenario.

Unfortunately, scripts produced in this way are not compatible with the Nam Editor, hence networks created by common topology generators cannot be modified interactively. Such a limitation is sometimes annoying, in particular when the automatically generated topology needs to be further adapted, e.g. by instantiating agents on particular network nodes.

Nam-Editor provides a graphical interface to:
  • GT-ITM topology generator;
  • INET topology generator;

It is now possible to create, visualize and modify topologies created according to the following topology models:
  1. flat-itm;
  2. hierarchical-itm;
  3. transit-stub-itm;
  4. INET;

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