Jul 1, 2008

ns-3.1 Stable Release

The first ns-3 stable release

This release is immediately available from:

What is ns-3 ?

ns-3 is a new discrete-event network simulator designed for supporting
network research and education. ns-3 features a solid, well documented
C++ core and models for TCP/IP (IPv4), several link types including
WiFi, and mobility models.

ns-3 is an open source project released under the GNU GPLv2 license
which allows anyone to use ns-3 without having to pay any license fee or
royalties. ns-3 is actively seeking new contributors to extend the range
of supported models and/or to maintain existing models.

Where to get more information about ns-3

All the ns-3 documentation, is accessible from the ns-3 website:

Including, tutorials:

Supported platforms

ns-3 is regularly tested on the following platforms:
- linux x86 gcc 4.2, 4.1, and, 3.4.6.
- linux x86_64 gcc 4.1.3, 4.2.1, 3.4.6
- MacOS X ppc and x86
- cygwin gcc 3.4.4 (debug only)

Known issues

ns-3 is known to fail on the following platforms:
- gcc 3.3 and earlier
- optimized builds on gcc 3.4.4 and 3.4.5
- optimized builds on linux x86 gcc 4.0.x

The IPv4 API defined in src/node/ipv4.h is expected to undergo major
changes in preparation of the merge of the IPv6 API and implementation.

Future releases

Our next release, which is expected to happen in 2 to 4 months from now,
will feature the merging of some of our projects currently in
development: python scripting, IPv6, emulation, a statistics framework
and synchronous posix sockets.


Elane said...

What's the news in this new version about MAC? I mean, what's the difference between this version of MAC and the 2.31 version?


be-khaer said...

Can I using NS-2 to compare performance between two type of Forward Error Correction (like reed solomon algorithm and viterbi algorithm)? thanks..

networksim said...

hrm.. ns-3 is out, but I believe that the person who is familiar woth ns-2 need to 'relearn' to get familiar with ns-3