Oct 15, 2008

Trace graph - Network Simulator NS-2 trace files analyser

Trace graph is a free network trace files analyser developed for network simulator ns-2 trace processing. Trace graph can support any trace format if converted to its own or ns-2 trace format. Trace graph runs under Windows, Linux, UNIX and MAC OS systems. Trace converter processes traces over 80x faster and is available to buy.

Supported ns-2 trace file formats:

  • wired
  • satellite
  • wireless (old and new trace)
  • new trace
  • wired-wireless.
Some of the program features (version 2.05):
  • 238 2D graphs
  • 12 3D graphs
  • delays, jitter, processing times, round trip times, throughput graphs and statistics
  • whole network, link and node graphs and statistics
  • all the results can be saved to text files, graphs can also be saved as jpeg and tiff
  • x, y, z axes information: minimum, mean, maximum, standard deviation, median
  • any graph saved in text file with 2 or 3 columns can be plotted
  • script files processing to do the analysis automatically.


Installation instructions on Linux:
1)Download tracegraph and mglinstaller from the webpage
Check Trace graph download page: http://www.tracegraph.com/download.html
Choose Linux version and download mglinstaller.
2) tar -xvzf tracegraph202.linux.tar.gz
3) gunzip mglinstaller.gz
4) You have to uncompress the file "mglinstaller.gz" and after doing it you will get the file "mglinstaller".
Now, there's no need to use chmod to change the rights and run ./mglinstaller.(or) Just do "sh mglinstaller" and
the script will do the rest for you.
5)set the environment path variable...
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /home/nmahali/trace/tracegraph202/bin/glnx86/
to check whether the variable is set properly u can just type $LD_LIBRARY_PATH Architecture
of the path variable setting:: if new variable then setenv path
if already existing then setenv {$}.

Installation instructions on Windows:
1)Download tracegraph and mglinstaller from the page make sure it is windows version http://www.tracegraph.com/download.html
2)unzip tracegraph202.zip to say, D:\
3)execute mglinstaller.exe, when it asks for directory name, enter D:\tracegraph202
4) add D:\tracegraph202\bin\win32 to your environment PATH
5)how to add to environment PATH??
right click on Mycomputer and select properties
From properties select Advanced tab
Select environment path variables
Select PATH and add your path to it
Thats it tracegraph is now ready!!
This is the procedure i followed while installing tracegraph on both windows and linux (if you dont have matlab installed on your machine.)

Download Trace graph and Trace converter.

Trace graph was presented at ISAT 2003 (Information Systems Architecture and Technology) conference. Click here to read the conference paper.



Malaya Kumar Nayak said...

dear sir i am new to ns-2.. can you please help me doing my network simulation using ns-2...

Malaya Kumar Nayak said...

i liked your blog posts.... so i hoping to get some help from you sir...

JIM HO said...

Is it exactly the same instruction for installation in fedora 9?

Jijgee said...

Hello everyone,
I need little help for my simulation. I need how to measure new protocol overhead? Please tell me detailed formula or source code because I am not good at that.

Anonymous said...

hi, am new to ns2. am doing my project in it. There is one graph given in the 'creating output files for xgraph' section in 'marc-greis tutorial for ns'. Can anyone pls tell me what s the x-axis and y-axis in that graph? i mean what they stand for?
It ll be very useful for me if you inform me that..

Auliria Torres said...

please help me get the following error when running the ./trgraph: error while loading shared libraries: libmwsgl.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

and review and okay the way and all Please help me with the solution my mail is aulitorres@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Dear NS2 users ;

i am a new NS2 user and i am using it in my graduation project
i want your help please to describe full WSN (wireless sensor network) system on NS2 to simulate it using NS2
i am using NS2 ver 2.27 on windows XP > cygwin


budakdesa said...

Hrm. I tried this before, but it is too slow to load, any advice?

Anonymous said...

Please suggest the link to download tracegraph on linux

Kevin said...

does anyone as the install for the tracegraph and also the mginstaller?

if yes can u email to me (mengboy_23@yahoo.co.uk)

thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

How do I save a plotted graph with the menu bar included, whenever I save it as .jpg or .png the menu bar is not included

Anonymous said...

the link is dead. Is there an alternative?

hamzah rashid said...

i want to analysis a trace file out.tr
and want to get handoff delay time and also packet drop ..
am using ns-2.29 and NIST mobility model .

the question is does tracegraph support these kind of functions

please let me know

Anonymous said...

i am trying to use ns2 to configure IPSec channel between two nodes using IPv4 and IPv6 on another setup. Does anyone have idea on how do it?